glowing grinning
full to bursting with the presence of God
in a fresh-baked loaf of bread
crackling in the hands of a hungry college kid

and a beaming little girl
basking in the love of a congregation that just can’t contain its adoration of her
in the floaty purple dress she picked out herself
hearing God Loves You
and We Love You
and knowing nothing else matters

accepting the water on her head
– like the oceans she says –
with grace

hearing Child of the Covenant and knowing somehow
what that means.

knowing in her bones the presence of something magical
in that water and that proud congregation

a glow of something like God in us
love more than love
being more than just being
being full of the holiness of people coming together

strange assortments of broken lost ones
pieces glued together clumsily
somehow whole-er together

around a table with one candle and a new loaf of bread
all for us
ripped in great ragged chunks dripping juice down my chin
hungry for communion

lost folks who thought they’d been forgotten
dying slowly on the hill below the cemetery
restored and hopeful again
smiling laughing throwing baby showers again
filled with the grace of God in the waters again
thirsts quenched by abundance again

God everywhere with us in the water and the bread
which are nothing and are everything
letting us be here together – really –
because God is here we let ourselves be here

with our whole hearts open for a minute
trusting everything
trusting goodness
trusting the presence of something so very holy

each other.

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