Mission Statements

I have lots to do this week – important things! ordination papers! worship planning! – but the news keeps coming in, from Boston and Texas and elsewhere, and then there is commentary on the news, and commentary on that, and on and on and on.

I am heartsick, and I can’t write about my faith journey while people say hateful, ignorant things. There is so much fear. People keep saying things about Boston, as if this kind of violence is unheard of, like this kind of terror isn’t something we’re supposed to feel in America.

And we are lucky that this is so rare for us. It is horrific and terrifying and deeply NOT RIGHT – but we need to know that that there are places in the world that live with this kind of fear every single day.

I am supposed to write about my faith journey, today, so here is a start: my faith and calling to both ministry and activism is deeply and essentially formed by love for every single person as a child of God. Every. Last. One. No exceptions. I hurt with Boston, not just because they’re “us,” or I have friends there, but because they are children of God. And I hurt with the people of Pakistan killed in US drone strikes, and with people all over the world whose “normalcy” is shattered by war and terror, whether caused by us or by others.

We as people of faith hurt with and for them not because they are “just like us” (because really, who is?) or because they are “innocent” (how far have some of us fallen from innocence?) but because they are children of God. Period. And not that we even need them to profess the same understanding of god we do, or any at all – we are called to love them for all that they were created to be (created “good,” just like us) and for the spark of divinity they hold inside them.


We are called to stand against this kind of hatred and fear and violence wherever it happens. The hope that we have glimpsed for a new kingdom, a new world order that is not this way, this is what sustains me. There is a better way, and it is within our grasp.

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