getting low-tech

I’ve always loved flipping through old records in secondhand stores, so now that I have a turntable, watch out!  I am going to have the most ridiculous record collection.  My first purchase (after Theatre Is Evil) was the original Godspell movie soundtrack, for 99¢ at Goodwill.  Somehow this feels even more gritty and dated than the musical soundtrack, which I know really well (ever since I was in a production at my church in 5th grade).

[I should add that I haven’t actually seen the movie version, so please don’t take this as some kind of endorsement!  My sister tells me it’s awful.]

And yet I think that’s part of what makes it so amazing.  It feels like a time capsule.  I want to compare it to losing myself in an illuminated manuscript, or a 19th-century missionary’s writings.  It’s a little snapshot of someone’s experience of god.  It feels almost sacred.

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