only art will save us now*

A few months ago, I found Brooklyn musician Heather Christian on kickstarter, where she was fundraising to buy a new piano to record a new album.  I fell in love — here was someone who sold her piano to finish releasing her first album, and now she’s trying to crowdsource a new one, all so she can keep on making amazing music.

(One of my favorite things about the artistic process is the incredible way it brings people together, especially these days when people like Amanda Palmer manage to touch a cultural chord and revolutionize the music industry…)

Long story short, Heather (aka Panda) got her piano… and 6 days later a 7-alarm fire in her building.  And then Hurricane Isaac.  And out of all that, a record.

As she said,

We are all extremely proud of the monster we unleashed at the mics, and want to just tell you,

we made it for you.

We made it with love from the geekiest and feelingest parts of ourselves, and we can’t wait for you to hear it.


(more on that later.)

What I think is hitting me hardest about this story is just an overwhelming sense that art is what gets us through.  Sure, art comes out of challenge and pain (I think that’s pretty obvious) but I think that’s looking at the question backwards.

We’re all going to have pain, we’re all going to have shitty things happen.  No getting around it.  But if we just lay down and cry and stay there, nothing is healed.  Nothing changes.

If you can look at the world exploding around you, and make something beautiful out of it, that’s God.  Out of chaos, god shapes the mud into something new, and breathes god’s self into it.  And that’s the beginning of so many beautiful things.

Creation is life-giving.  It is healing, it is re-building.  Making art brings people together, and it brings us closer to our creator God.

Plus, it makes our world a little bit more beautiful.


* theological caveat: feel free to read this as “only creation will save us now” or “only a new creation will save us now” if that makes you more comfortable.  It’s all one and the same.

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